Amazon SEO Strategy & Search Term Optimisation

Whenever it comes to SEO strategies, we always think of Google. Everyone wants their website to rank top in Google’s search page. However, websites and Google are not the only places where you can sell your products; Amazon Product page can be an extremely profitable way of selling your products if you implement the right…

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4 Clever Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Ecommerce Store

In 2017, retail ecommerce sales across the world reached $2.304 trillion, which was a 24.8 percent increase than previous year, finds a report by eMarketer. Total retail sales were up 5.8 percent compared to 2016, reaching $22.640 trillion. The report also found that mobile was a key factor in driving ecommerce sales and mcommerce accounted…

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5 Ecommerce SEO Fundamentals No Retailer Should Overlook

Succeeding at ecommerce in a competitive ecosystem is not an easy task. As leaner and more efficient players keep entering the landscape, attracting customers to your online store becomes increasingly challenging. According to research by Forrester, the share of ecommerce in total retail sales will grow from 13% at present to 17% by 2022. Such…

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