The entertainment industry thrives on promotions and unique ways to engage with the general public. Connecting with the fans and urging them to watch your movie is the ultimate goal of promoting movies

With numerous movies coming out every weekend, the marketing and promotions need to start early creating a definite space in the minds of the audience. Positioning your movie such that the public is interested to know what’s in store creates the required buzz.

Buzz? Yes, word-of-mouth marketing is powerful. Apart from that, creating awareness about the movie on various platform helps it roll. The more people talk about it, with snowball effect, the more popular your movie gets.

We, at Tej SolPro, make sure your message about the movie reaches the farthest audiences which you never thought was possible. Our proficient team will not only handle social media postings and responses but also dive into the ocean of possibilities and innovative ways in which the fans could be engaged with the producers and actors. From funny and interesting elements of the movie to the required publicity stunt, we help you get sufficient attention!

Movie promotions not only include getting the attention of the audiences but also feeding them the content related to the movie. Pre-roll videos, movie spoofs, twitter contests, etc. are few of the methods to increase engagements. We help you get the right point of contacts when it comes to getting social media influencers and bloggers in your events.

Whichever route you prefer, movie promotion is all about connecting with your audience and in turn enticing them to watch your movie. We make your audience excited about your movie so much so that they can’t stop talking about it!