Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising and Google AdWords Management Services


Companies of all sizes have the opportunity to beat their competitors and appear in front of their customers at relevant times with the right PPC campaigns. PPC drives instant traffic to your website from search engines and perfectly compliments your SEO, social and other digital marketing strategies with instant visibility and customer acquisition.

TejSol Pro has developed singular expertise and time-tested processes to maximize your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and minimize your Cost Per Click (CPC) on Google and Bing. Our team comprises of experts and accredited professionals with current certifications in Google AdWords as well as Bing Ads. This means you’re guaranteed targeted traffic and leads that actually convert to sales, not just aimless visitors who come to your site and bounce off.


Google AdWords is pretty much the default means of PPC advertising. It gives you access to the billions of searches that are taking place every single day. However, it is not a set-up-and-forget-it thing that most PPC agencies take it to be. We work closely with you identify the right keywords, audiences and metrics that are ideal for your business model and set up campaigns that maximize ROI for you.

We’ll make sure you always stay on top of your PPC campaigns with weekly and monthly reports. Our specialists will be constantly monitoring and optimizing your campaigns and available to you at all times on an as-needed basis.

PPC services

Search ads

Make your website easily searchable on Google & other search engines by using the correct keywords. PPC companies can help you define the correct keywords for your business getting you more clicks for every penny you spend.

Display ads

Google’s Display Network lets you choose from millions of sites across the world and target customers with banner ads and videos in the form of images, audio and video instead of just text. These ads are great for brand awareness and promoting your products to people who are actually interested in your niche.

Shopping ads

Google shopping ads now drive more than 50% of all clicks in the retail industry. It is easily the best way for eCommerce sites to promote their online and local inventory. Shopping ads display your business name as well as the title, photo and price of the product above all other search results, resulting in instant clicks and quick sales.


Remarketing or retargeting is an effective way to target visitors who came to your site but did not immediately buy or make an inquiry. By showing them text ads in Google searches or display ads when they browse other websites, you can convince them to return to your site for another, better chance at making that sale.



Business Goals

From brand awareness to lead generation, from thought leadership to sales, PPC can help you achieve every business objective quickly. You can guide your customer through the sales funnel in a strategic, step-by-step manner.


Instant Visibility

Your every campaign, every step is measurable. There are a lot of options available that can help you measure your website's performance and decide future strategies accordingly.


Conversion Tracking

Getting traffic is one thing, but converting them to a sale is the ultimate destination. Optimizing PPC campaigns can make this possible too. Who knows you might just cross your competitor as well!

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Control & Transparency

PPC offers something for businesses of all sizes, as you can closely control your budget and spend, enabling you to scale up or scale down quickly. You can also choose placements on various digital platforms, and pause or start campaigns at any time.

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Customer & Competitor Data

PPC campaigns help you understand your customers better, with accurate data on their interests, browsing patterns, and purchase behaviour. In addition, you can analyze your competitors’ strategies, and get to know their market share for the keywords they’re targeting.


Cross-Channel Marketing

AdWords is an engine that drives your efforts on other digital marketing channels like SEO and social media. With the right content and copy, you can use PPC data to drive traffic and conversions, and increase overall customer engagement across all these channels.