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Big Stars on Small Screens , YouTube Influencers of India

Writing for your audience is a passé. Vlogging is the latest fad. Vlog or Video Blogs is the latest marketing technique and it works! Almost 100 million people are online, watching videos everyday. Although, not the entire lot are looking up for something to learn or researching about a product or service. India stands at…

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Visual Content is the new Era for Digital Marketing

Remember the time when we used to detest the books with no or very few pictures? Yes, we love pictures more than words. Humans always prefer visual stimulation while reading or focusing on content, be it a book or even website. Plain text no longer holds our attention for long. This doesn’t mean that the…

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Facebook Fans : Myth & Facts

Few days back I was seating with one of my friend and we were discussing about Social Media Marketing, He asked me how many Fans I do have at Tej SolPro fanpage and my reply was nearly 60. Then he said being an Internet Marketing Company, if you cant get more fans for your own…

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